About Us

My name is Tuesday :)


I am a 32 female entrepreneur who started my business from the ground. I have learned how to create gemstone and crystal jewelry by self teaching and learning from books, as well as our trusty YouTube! I have been incredibly inspired by so many different kinds of artists. Please come and navigate my website and follow me on Instagram @RubyRexStudio for the chance to get free shipping and the chance to win Monthly giveaways from my shop as well as a bunch of other gemstone and crystal artists who have started a community together where it is not about competition and more about abundance and selflessness. I do have a few other hobbies such as hanging out with my cute little doggie Brutus and cuddling with my kitty cat Sirus. I love playing music and watching documentaries, and also crafting with my friends. I live with my boyfriend who is a huge influence on me and who treats me like a princess. :)  Those are a few of my favorite things!